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Preconstruction Services

Budget Creation and Development

Cost Estimation accuracy is based on a solid understanding of the scope of work. At Asurety our team of experienced project managers also estimate.  Having a team that is integrated into both the estimation and creation makes sure the project is identical in scope and design to the clients wishes and budget.

Permit and Approval

It can be tough navigating  the permit and approval process. Asurety has many years of experience and relationships with planning and development authorities throughout the Atlanta Region. Our knowledge of the process of site plan and permit approval ensures a smooth process.

Scheduling and Procurement Mangement

Lead time on ordered products is an often overlooked concept in the construction industry. When you choose Asurety you can be sure that the proper research into product procurement  has been addressed and accurate contractor scheduling is adhered to. We consider proper scheduling research at the preconstruction phase as one of the most important aspects of any project..

Site Study and Evaluation

Part of our project preconstruction phase includes site study and evaluation with and end result of a site master plan. This ensure, traffic and parking concerns as well as landscaping. The site master plan may also includes soil anlysis and existing infrastructure analysis.

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